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About this tour

Join us for an authentic Calabrian culinary journey based in the beautiful medieval town of Tropea.

The focus of this delicious culinary tour is not only to experience the authentic food cooked with locals, but to give you time to relax on the beautiful beaches of the Calabrian coast and guide you to the main historic sites. Along with cooking classes, we will also dine in the homes of local “signore” to give you the opportunity to taste authentic cuisine of Calabria.

A relaxing setting

Historically rich, yet boasting a warm and lively, contemporary appeal with its family-run bars and restaurants, Tropea sits proudly on a ‘tuffo’ rock 50 meters above one of the most beautiful beaches in southern Italy. Here, you can explore medieval and prehistoric palazzos as you saunter down cobble stone streets during your free time. Tropea’s quaint cafes and bars offer an occasion to sit, relax and admire the breathtaking views of the sea below and experience the promenade, where you can see the famous landmark of Tropea – Santa Maria Del Isola.

From Capo Vaticano, explore the magnificent Calabrian coast with our local friend and fisherman, Francesco, who will show you the best places to snorkel and guide you to a fresh catch of local fish from the clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. From the boat, you’ll gaze at the picturesque houses embedded on the cliffs of Tropea’s historic center.

From the coastal town of Pizzo Calabro, we’ll visit the beautiful Piede di Grotta, a small church with incredible life-like, sand sculptures carved from the sandstone on the beach.

We’ll visit Pizzo Calabro to sample the famous 'Tartufo di Pizzo,' a local handmade ice cream. In Pizzo, you’ll enjoy the colorful and cultural locale as you stroll down ancient cobblestone alleys.

Tropea, and the surrounding areas in the province of Vibo Valentia, is home to many varieties of pecorino sheep’s cheese, the cipolla rossa (sweet red onions of Tropea) and salamis, including the wonderfully regional 'Nduja' – a chili-infused soft salami.

At one of our wine tastings, discover why some of the oldest grape varieties in the world – originating in ancient Greece – are still used here, producing exquisite, robust and flavorful wines.

Cooking classes near Tropea

Cooking classes near Tropea Calabria is renowned throughout Italy for it's culinary heritage and traditional slow-food farming way of life. In the hills above Tropea, our authentic cooking class and Calabrese feast will be led by chef Peppe and his family in their private farm. In fact, participating in a cooking class with them is like "coming home" to a favorite Italian relative with their warmth, generosity and their enthusiasm infusing every moment.

During your stay, you'll gather ingredients from their organic, sun-soaked vegetable and herb garden, surrounded by the scent of orange and lemon trees. Then, Peppe will teach you authentic local recipes such as Fileja, the signature pasta of the area. You'll also discover how to prepare dishes using ingredients like the exquisite local fish, meats, cheeses and the famously sweet 'cipolla rossa' or red onions of Tropea. After your cooking lesson, prepare to eat and enjoy all that you have prepared during the afternoon accompanied by local DOC wines under a canapy surrounded by vineyards and luscious green fields of the countryside above Tropea.

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