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About this tour

Enjoy the relaxing beaches of Tropea and learn to make authentic Calabrian cuisine with a local family in their private farm situated in the hills of Brattiro' a town minutes from Tropea's historic town. Your tour includes a guided visit to a local Nduja production house to taste local food products and a chance to see the houses embedded on the cliff of Tropea while you sail along the beautiful coast of the region.

Enjoy the beauty of this fairy tale like town as you explore through the cobblestone streets, that which was once the city of nobles. Today many local bars and restaurants can be found and gourmet food stores where you can sample the famous food products made in Calabria such as the famous nduja (a soft ,chili pepper infused salami) and the cipolla rossa (the famous red onions of Tropea).

This itinerary is ideal for those who want a short getaway or stop over in Calabria.

Your setting is in the lovely medieval town of Tropea where you'll have access to local bars, restaurants and stores. You'll be just walking distance from the famous beach of Tropea which is situated below the town.

Apart from the surroundings being exquisite , you'll also get the chance to sample the real Tropeana cuisine.

Learn the secrets of Calabrian cuisine and discover ancient recipes as you cook alongside a renowned local chef of Tropea. With over 40 years experience, Peppe will welcome you into his private family run farm which produces olive oil from their century olive groves and white and red wines from their vineyards. His production of honey and local salami can be tasted here including the famous home production of the Nduja originally from a town minutes from the farm called Spilinge.

Cooking Classes with Chef Peppe and his family

Cooking classes are set in Peppe and his wife Vera's private farm which is surrounded by hundreds of vineyards and olive trees. a large portion of land is dedicated to their fruit and vegetable production including chili peppers for Peppe's delicious Nduja production. There are animals also ; pigs goats and horses. The kitchen boasts a rustic setting and makes for an authentic Calabrese experience as you join Peppe and his passion and expertise for Calabrian food and wine. His recipes are those from generations past that played a significant role in the art for cooking. He also includes his inventive creations from years of culinary experience.

You'll make homemade pasta from scratch and discover recipes of various local sauces mainly from Tropea.

We will also include an array of local main dishes with fresh seasonal ingredients such as the famous nduja (soft chili infused salami), cipolla rossa (the famous red onions of Tropea) and local fresh produce picked from Peppe's farm. Farm raised meats and fresh fish caught that day from the waters of Tropea's coast are included. You'll leave Peppe's as part of the family and not a tourist. That is a guarantee!

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Your accommodations in Tropea

Your bed and breakfast is situated in the heart of the historic center and features six lovely rooms. There is a lovely rooftop terrace overlooking the sea of Tropea where breakfast is served or can be used to admire the gorgeous views of the sea while sipping on a prosecco.

All suites have phone, sky t.v, mini bar, private bathroom and internet access.

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