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Extended Stay Tours in Calabria, Italy

Cooking with the Locals Tour

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Join us on this all new exclusive cooking tour in Tropea, Calabria for food lovers only. Join Tania as she takes you into the private homes of her local friends of Tropea for a fun filled cooking adventure. You'll learn cooking techniques from the locals, drink the region's best wines and leave feeling like you were visiting friends in Italy. A truly authentic experience awaits you. Read more

Cooking tour in Calabria Italy

Calabrian Table Tour

Presenting the first of a series of annual culinary tours in Calabria. This exclusive tour will take you on a journey into the hidden villages of the mountainous Pollino to the coastal areas of Vibo Valentia. An exclusive culinary adventure meeting chefs, cooks and locals of Calabria. We have hand picked our favorite towns and villages, many of which you would never find in a guide book, so we can offer you a comprehensive, authentic, culinary experience. Read more

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Tropea Culinary Tour
8 Day Culinary Tour in Tropea

Enjoy hands on cooking classes in Tropea in this unique tour of Calabria's most beautiful coastal town. The itinerary includes a visit to a vineyard with wine tasting, a day in a rustic farm to learn bread making, a boat ride along the coast of Calabria and a chance to immerse yourself on a journey through the culture and cuisine of Calabria. Read more
Tropea Culinary Tour
4 Day Cooking Tour in Tropea

Spend 4 days in the company of locals as you learn the secrets of the Calabrese cuisine. Guided walks through the medieval town of Tropea and a sailing excursion along Calabria's coast. A great short getaway to introduce you to Calabria! Read more
4 day cooking vacation
Walking & Cooking Tour in Calabria

Spend 8 wonderful days exploring the lush countryside of the Vibo Valentia province. This trekking tour includes cooking classes and visits to food artisans. Wine tasting in a private vineyard and a chance to explore the hidden secret locations of this beautiful part of Calabria's coast. Read more
Walking & Cooking Tour in Vibo Valentia

Family Ancestry Tours


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For those who would like to trace their ancestral roots in Calabria, we are now offering a personalized service suited to your request in search of your family history. Guided visits to the towns of interest and research available Read more

Family Heritage tours
Day Tours in Calbria, Italy

Cooking Class in Tropea

We are more than proud to present our cooking classes in Tropea.

Join us on a private farm with chef Peppe and his family as you cook and enjoy life, Calabrese style. A hands on cooking class and the ultimate food adventure awaits you as your hosts share with you their authentic way of life through food and wine. It doesn't get more authentic than this. Transport to and from the farm is included. Click here for more information. Read more

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Tropea Culinary Tour
Excursion to the town of Caria

Local family and friends invite you to experience the once upon a time in Calabria as you join us for one of our most special day trips in Southern Italy. Like a trip back in time, our 1-day tour through Caria offers a visit to an ancient castle once home to nobility, stunning views of the sparkling Tyrrhennian Sea and a homemade Calabrese meal with our friends Maria and Guiseppe on their rustic farm. Read more
Excursion to the town of  Caria.
Cooking Classes in Pizzo

We are happy to present a wonderful cooking class with a noted chef in Pizzo Calabro. Join Chef Caterina and her husband Antonio in Pizzo with a guided tour of the town as you learn about seasonal ingredients before your cooking class in Caterina's restaurant. Read more
Cooking classes in Pizzo
1-day Yacht Cruise to Scilla

Enjoy the beautiful views of the Calabrian coast as you set sail on a 16 meter luxury yacht to the beautiful mythical town of Scilla. Read More
Yacht excursion to Schilla
Fishing Tour in Tropea

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Learn to catch the local fish found in the crystal, clear waters of Tropea. On board you will learn the techniques of fishing with a local fisherman. Cooking class with your catch of the day and a fantastic lunch to follow as you gaze at the magnificent views of Tropea from your boat. Read more
Morning fishing lesson with
Sailing Tours to Capo Vaticano

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Spend a wonderful day sailing along the magnificent coast of Calabria to the 'Costa Degli Dei'- Capo Vaticano. Morning and afternoon cruises available. Read More
Sailing tours to Capo Vaticano
Cooking Classes with Marianna

This one day cooking class situated in the hills above Tropea will leave you feeling like you have spent the day with family. Our most popular tour in Tropea! Read more
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In Italy tours in Lazio
Beyond Rome. The Art, Food and Wine Tour of the Castelli Romani

Enjoy a unique experience with our Art, Food and Wine Tour of the amazing Castelli Romani area outside Rome - an important stop on the traditional Grand Tour undertaken by artists, scholars and intellectuals of the Romantic Era. Express your artistic self and share an original and personal experience in a singularly beautiful area all but unknown to the foreign tourist of modern times, but regarded as a hidden gem by both Romans and locals alike. Read more

Tropea Culinary Tour
Cooking Vacation in the Castelli Romani

An exclusive food and wine tour of the Castelli Romani situated just 20 minutes from Rome. From here you will do what the Romans do. Eat authentic, Roman cuisine! Enjoy wine tasting and cooking classes with an internationally acclaimed chef in her osteria and a local signora in her private vineyard! Read more

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Seven day culinary tour in the Castelli Romani
Cooking Classes in Nemi

Learn to cook authentic Roman cuisine in a private vineyard overlooking the lake of Nemi. Join Signora Maria and her husband Carlo on a wonderful day cooking and eating the rustic flavours of the Roman countryside as you immerse yourself in the most beautiful scenery of the Castelli Romani. Read more
Cooking classes with Signora Maria in Nem
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In Italy tours in Sicily
8-day Yacht Cruise to the Aeolian Islands

Spend eight glorious days sailing aboard a private yacht visiting the Aeolian Islands of Sicily with personal cook on board. Read more
Week cruise to the  Aeolian Islands of Sicily
calabria lazio - rome sicily customize your tour

In Italy tours custom vacations
Customized Tours

Enjoy your Italian vacation the way you want to. Create your own itinerary at your own pace. We will advise you every step of the way. Read more
Customized Italian Cooking Tours
calabria lazio - rome sicily customize your tour

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