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A unique experience that takes you straight to the heart (and homes) of Calabrian cuisine. Enjoy personalized cooking classes in Calabria in the private homes of our local friends.

This tour is for people who love Italian food, good wine and good company and who would like to learn how to prepare authentic, Southern Italian dishes from those who have been cooking from recipes passed down through the generations – the locals.

Join Tania as she takes you directly into the kitchens of local friends known to her for many years and, more importantly, who are also known and admired for their skill in cooking traditional dishes from this beautiful region of Italy.

Common to all six cooks is their passion for maintaining the very spirit and taste of "la cucina Calabrese" and their enthusiasm for showing how these dishes can be replicated in your own kitchen.

The main ingredient that sets this tour apart from the formality of a conventional cooking tour is that you will be in the relaxed and informal setting of your host cook's home whilst having the opportunity to be "hands on" in the preparation of the diverse array of dishes you will be introduced to during your Calabrian culinary adventure.

Whilst the venue of each cooking class will differ from day to day, the warmth and generous hospitality of your host cook will be the same, ensuring that you experience an abundance of fun and "la dolce vita" of Calabria!

Location & Accommodation

You will be staying in the centre of Tropea, Calabria, a magical, mediaeval coastal town situated on a sandstone cliff overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. The sunsets are stunning, as are the views out to the Aeolian Islands of Sicily, one of which is Stromboli with its famous volcano.

Luxury B&B accommodation is provided and includes private bathroom, air conditioning, free Wi Fi and TV. From there, you will have very easy access to Tropea's many shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, and the beautiful beach that sits below the town.

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Each day is dedicated to an evening or morning cooking class, leaving plenty of time to relax on the beach or take in the sights and atmosphere of Tropea.

Transport is provided both to and from the cooking events, all of which take place within approximately five kilometres of Tropea.

Day 1

Transfer to Tropea from Lamezia Terme Airport.

Settle in and relax in your new surroundings.

Welcome dinner at a local restaurant in Tropea.

Day 2

Cooking Class with Antonella La Cucina Calabrese di montagna

After breakfast, enjoy your first morning in the beautiful town of Tropea. Explore the cobble-stoned streets and quaint picturesque alleys. Enjoy a coffee or an early aperitivo in town or enjoy the morning soaking up the sun at the beach which sits below the cliff of Tropea.

We will head off to a residential area situated close to Tropea: the private home of our friend and great cook, Antonella. Originally from the province of Catanzaro, Antonella has a reputation for being an amazing cook. She has helped many restaurateurs perfect their menus in Tropea. Today, we will cook alongside her and learn from her expertise and enate way in producing unforgettable dishes from her hometown.

We will enjoy lunch with plenty of wine and sweets from her province of Catanzaro.

Transfer back to Tropea.

Day 3

La Marcelleria in Calabria and Meat Recipes with Giuseppe the Butcher

Today will be spent with Giuseppe, the local butcher (macelleria), in his store which sells the freshest organic meats and is known to be the best with the locals. It is located in Santa Domenica which is a 10 minute ride from Tropea. The store has a superb reputation for both quality meat and wine, two subjects which Giuseppe is highly passionate about.

Each week Giuseppe cooks a meat dish for locals to try. He is renowned for hosting the best dinner parties and loves to cook for his guests.

You will learn first about the various cuts of meat which are commonly eaten by the locals in Calabria and then cook meat dishes in his fully equipped kitchen behind the store. After that, dinner will be served in his home above the store and accompanied by local DOC wines that Giuseppe will carefully select to compliment the various recipes he shares.

Transfer back to Tropea.

Day 4

Cooking Class alla Siciliana

Cooking Class in a private villa with Signora Elide and Signora Luisa. Our two cooks, who have been lifetime friends, will invite us to share the secrets of their Italian cuisine in a private villa situated in the hills above Tropea.

Our first cook Elide is orginally from Sicily and loves to cook. She has hosted many of our guests at the villa and has been one of the highlights of our tours.

We will learn from Elide about Sicilian cuisine. Many recipes have been rooted back to her ancestors. If it is a sunny day, we will cook outdoors under bougainvillea.

Our second cook is our dear friend Luisa. Luisa had the fortune to learn from her mother-in-law very rare recipes authentic to Tropean cuisine, including delicious breads and crostatas, some of which date back over 100 years.

We will learn from both Elide and Luisa what makes them well regarded in the kitchen and enjoy their vivacious characters cooking alongside them.

Lunch will be served with our ladies under Elide's beautiful outdoor setting with plenty of wine.

Transfer back to Tropea.

Day 5

La Cucina Tropeana Cooking Class with Blaise in his home in Tropea

In the afternoon, we will head to Capo Vaticano to a beautiful viewing platform to take in the magnificent views of the cape. We will have time to sip on a prosecco before heading off to our next cooking adventure.

We will spend the remainder of the afternoon with Blaise in his private home. Blaise owned a popular trattoria in the centre of Tropea and has an exuberant character. He loves good food, good wine and enjoys having people over for his fun dinner parties which will make for an enjoyable time to say the least.

Today's menu will highlight pasta dishes and recipes from Tropea, Blaise's specialty. Plenty of Blaise's favourite wines will be served.

Transfer back to Tropea.

Day 6

Cooking Class at Vera and Pepe's farm - La cucina di campagna

Our final day will be spent cooking with Vera and her family. We will take you to the farm of Vera and Pepe who own a beautiful agriturismo in the hills surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.

We will tour the farm where they produce their own olive oil, wine, honey and cured meats including the famous 'Nduja of Spilinga.

We provide our most popular cooking classes at this location during the summer season, so it is a must to experience a festive day cooking traditional recipes with our wonderful friends.

A farewell Calabrian feast will follow.

Day 7

Farewell and transfer to airport or train station.

Price includes

  • 6 nights 7 days in a a luxury bed and breakfast in the center of Tropea
  • Private transfer to and from the airport or train station at Lamezia Terme
  • Welcome dinner in the heart of Tropea
  • Breakfast served daily
  • 5 hands on cooking classes in the private homes of our cooks with wine included
  • Guided visit to Capo Vaticano
  • English speaking guide/translator
  • Private driver to transport you to and from each location

Things to do in your free time
We have excursions available during your free time for an extra fee.

Excursions include:

  • Walking tour in the historic town of Tropea with an artist of the town. Available mornings and evenings
  • Boat and fishing excursions to Capo Vaticano
  • Private Guided Tour to Pizzo Calabro
  • Painting and sketching in the town or port of Tropea

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