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Calabrian Table Tour

With 500 miles of coastline, three national parks and thousands of acres of olive trees, vineyards and citrus groves, Calabria is one of the most diverse regions in the bel paese. That diversity, combined with the enduring influence of Calabria’s past conquerors, notably the Greeks, Spaniards and Arabs, is echoed in Calabria’s unique cuisine.

Join us on our annual tour through Calabria as we venture from table to table, introducing you to our local friends, chefs and cooks in the region.

We have handpicked our favorite towns and villages, many of which you’d never find in a guidebook, so we can offer you a comprehensive, authentic culinary experience. This Calabrian Table Tour is the first in a series of exclusive cooking, food and wine events that we will be offering twice a year.

From Italy’s largest national park in the northern Calabria to the rugged coastline of the sun-kissed south, we have spent years eating our way through Calabria… and we want to share our Calabria with you, one table at a time.

On the Table

Calabrians are fiercely proud of their cuisine and while there are some ingredients and techniques that are used region-wide, many dishes, specialties and methods vary from village to village throughout Calabria. Here is just a sampling of what you will enjoy during the Calabrian Table Tour.

The Pollino Mountains

The Pollino National Park stretches across northern Calabria and from here, we will explore a new range of recipes. We’ll learn how to make frascatola, an ancient polenta dish that is made with the noted grains and wild herbs found in Pollino.We’ll prepare one of the area’s signature pastas,rascatelli, that is served with a rich ragu sauce that is made from home-raised meat.

Our friend, Nicola, Pollino native and historian, will teach us to prepare la salssiccia’, a typical Calabrese sausage that is made with his special aromatic seasoning called peppazza. We’ll taste a variety of cheese, such as Pecorino and Provola and learn the age-old technique of preserving seasonal vegetables and fruit.

Vibo Valentia

Seafood takes center stage in the province of Vibo Valentia, but the lush hills that rise above the sea produce meat, legumes, citrus and a variety of seasonal vegetables… all integral ingredients in a coastal Calabrian kitchen.

Tropea, one of the premier destinations in Vibo Valentia, sits high above a sandstone cliff and is famous for its cipolla rossa, a sweet red onion that is used in pastas, jams and condiments.

As we venture inland we will learn to make pignata, a type of butter bean that is slowly cooked in terra cotta and is seasoned with local herbs. We will roll up our sleeves in a rustic farm and make bread from scratch and roll dough alongside one of Tropea’s most famous cooks, Marianna, as we learn to make the famous fileja pasta, a thick pasta typical of the province that goes well with raguand other robust sauces. Nearby, the village of Spilinga is the birth-place of Calabria’s famous‘nduja, the spicy spreadable sausage Calabrians add to pasta dishes and bruschetta.

From Table to table throughout Calabria we will enjoy an array of local and DOC wines, each perfectly selected to accent the rich flavors of Calabria’s cuisine.

We hope you choose to join us on this experience.

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